In summer 2019, I was waiting for a friend at San Pedro Square Market bar in downtown San Jose, CA. While I was waiting, a band was setting up to play live music in the bar. Watching them drew my thoughts to another friend, who plays in a few well-liked bands at venues around the bay area.

I asked this friend later why she wasn’t playing at San Pedro Square Market bar, a nice big bar with ample playing space that attracts a diverse crowd. She wanted to, she said, and had contacted the venue a few times, but couldn’t connect with the booking contact.

A lost opportunity I thought, for both the bar and my friend to create a music booking that would benefit both band and bar.

A few weeks later, I reached out to some other band friends to understand their process for getting booked.

“Email the venue, wait for response, email again, and hope there is an opening in their schedule“.

Waiting for an email response from a person who probably has too many emails to respond to, is, in the year 2020, is a step better than using carrier pigeons.

Being a live music fan, and a techie, this email-and-wait approach spurred my thinking about the advantages of technology and how it can automate so much of the manual processes that create a time suck in our daily lives. Booking bands is no exception.

  • Zipgig was born from this. It is an entertainment booking platform that enables independent venues to browse and book performers instantly. Zipgig also lets bands and performers create a profile that attracts venues, and gets them booked.

  • Imagine, never having to email a venue again, wait for a response…. and wait…. and wait.

  • That’s the secret of Zipgig, an entertainment booking marketplace. Instantly connect and book.

  • - Andrea Harding, Founder at Zipgig

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